Fresh wind in horse marketing - Online auction with the stallion station Gerd Sosath

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The stallion station Gerd Sosath consistently breaks new ground in horse marketing. Together with DECHOW AUKTIONEN and ehorses an online auction for foals and broodmares will start this summer. The family-run business would like to offer long-established, tradition-conscious breeders the opportunity to reach the largest possible number of potential interested parties and buyers. The range and thus the sales chances increase demonstrably by an on-line auction, since also prospective customers and customers from abroad become attentive to the horses standing to the auction.

Three strong partners who have found each other

For a smooth organisation and execution of an online auction, technical know-how, compliance with legal requirements, a high-performance platform and the right feel for international online marketing on the net are indispensable in addition to equestrian sports-specific specialist knowledge. For this reason, three competent companies from the respective sectors have joined forces.

The stallion station Gerd Sosath does not only attract attention with the sporting success of its horses and riders. The family business stands for many years of experience in horse breeding and is one of the most sought-after breeding stations. Janne Sosath-Hahn says: "Again and again our breeders report how difficult the sale of foals and young horses has become". The Sosath family would like to support their customers exactly at this point. "With the online auction, we offer our breeders the unique opportunity to have their foals and broodmares auctioned in a suitable setting and environment. With this new marketing opportunity we reach many new national and international interested parties and buyers", says Janne Sosath-Hahn.

In order to be able to carry out the auction in a professional framework, the Hamburg auction house DECHOW provides the optimal technical infrastructure: The know-how and management of auctions of any kind makes Dechow the perfect partner. Thanks to over 114 years of tradition and experience, a smooth execution of the online auction is guaranteed.

To ensure that the online auction also reaches the right interested parties and bidders, ehorses, Europe's largest online horse market, is the ideal partner for the accompanying marketing of the online auction. Thanks to its expertise and experience, ehorses is THE professional for all aspects of online marketing and achieves an enormous reach and visibility for the Sosath online auction with the help of e-mail marketing and social media.

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The registration for the official selection date at the Oldenburg Foal Show on 09. and 10. July 2019 is now closed. For short-term registrations please contact the Sosath Team directly at If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Breeding and sport in one place - this motto runs like a red thread through all the activities of the farm, whose history goes back to 1647. The spectrum of the family-run farm includes a stallion station, breeding, rearing, training of young horses, show performances and sale of horses of all ages and training classes...
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ehorses was founded in 1999 as the first horse market on the Internet and specializes in the successful placement of horses worldwide. The company, which is located on the Osthoff manor near Osnabrück, has developed into Europe's leading horse market in recent years. Daily over 200 new sales horses are adjusted ...
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DECHOW AUKTIONEN is one of the leading industrial auctioneers in Germany and a proven expert for the expert treatment and exploitation of mobile assets. For more than 100 years we have been developing individual, tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of our customers. With well-founded analysis, ...
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